Et finalement, Rêver ne nécessitant que deux musiciens et pas d’éclairage particulier, le choix s’est arrêté sur cette chanson. Laurent Boutonnat assiste au spectacle Après quelques mouvements de bras, les trois jeunes femmes descendent pour interpréter le refrain de  » Méfie-toi Représentations du spectacle à Paris-Bercy. A rain of silver sequins down from heaven on artists and the andiance. Pierre Vinuesa Lighting design:

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On parle aussi de XXL , mais tout cela nécéssitait des éclairages particuliers, des programmations qu’il était impossible de mettre en oeuvre en si peu de temps. This live version is the second track on the CD single  » Dessine-moi un mouton « . La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 26 juin à The singer uses a simple choreography referring to the universal sign language , performed with other dancers. Devant le succès de la vente des places de la tournée, de multiples dates sont rajoutées pour le mois de février Singles de Mylène Farmer.

concert mylene farmer mylenium tour

Mylenium Tour is Mylène Farmer ‘s concert tour in support of her fifth studio album, Innamoramento. According to the French magazine Instant-Magthe « Mylenium Tour is more beautiful [than the tour] by the originality of the selection of songs, the grandiose stage, an entry even more impressive, and especially an overwhelming and perfect end, perhaps more comparable to that of the tour. More thanpeople attended the concert series [2] that cost more than 20 million euros.

There were a total of 43 shows, from September 21, to March 8,in four countries FranceBelgiumSwitzerlandRussia: There were sometimes some technical problems, Farmer remaining suspended in the air longer than expected. This live version was scheduled for release as second single from the concert, but was finally abandoned. During some shows, a spectator was allowed to climb on the stage and Farmer took him by the hand.

There is a long musical bridge at the end to let time for Farmer to change her costume. In February and March, Farmer has added a repetition a cappella with the audience and a new musical direction. This live version is the second track on the CD single  » Dessine-moi un mouton « . However, at a show, the curtain did not fall and Farmer had to descend from the statue to public view with the help of a ladder.

Mylenium Tour de Mylène Farmer

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Requiem Publishing Design entertainment: Mylène Farmer Set designer: Guy-Claude François Costumes designed by: Pierre Vinuesa Lighting design: Laurent Buisson Comcert ingeneer: Thierry Rogen Production director: Paul Van Parys Musical direction: Cendres de lune Ainsi soit je Anamorphosée Innamoramento Avant que l’ombre Les Clips Les Clips Vol. II Les Clips Vol.


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concert mylene farmer mylenium tour

Europe tour by Mylène Farmer. Live à Bercy Mylenium Tour Avant que l’ombre Palais omnisports de Paris-Bercy. Zénith de Toulouse Métropole. Parc des expositions de Penfeld. White transparent dress with a plunging neckline in the back, sailing on the shouldersshoes with high heels, white large necklace.

The stage is hidden under a large white curtain which turns blue when « Mylenium », an instrumental song with African vocals, begins to be played. The curtain falls and the audience discovers the huge statue representing Isis nine metres in the middle of the stage. While the light intensifies, a white smoke emanates from the statue whose head opens in two parts, showing the shadow of Farmer.

Suspended by pulling invisible strings, the singer flies above the stage while the right articulated hand of the statue stands to take down her. As in the original song, a thunderous noise is heard at the beginning.

Farmer begins to sing and drops from the statue’s hand. In the background of the stage, images of luminous cracked globes appear on the giant screen. When Farmer leaves the stage, the song is extended by the female vocalists to let her more time to change her clothes. This live performance is very similar to that of the album.

Orange costume composed of a privateer trousersa thick jacket and orange shoes, with high heels. Costumes with different colors. Collective synchronised choreography produced by Farmer, the same as that used for the TV promotion of the song.

Crouching at the beginning with many arms gestures, then standing with suggestive movements of the pelvis. The introduction has oriental sonorities. After the performance, there are the first repetitions of the refrain with the audience. At the beginning of the song, Farmer asks the audience to clap their hands. The words « It’s beyond My Control », pronounced by John Malkovich in the studio version, are replaced.

The song is performed in an identical version as that of Tour. At the end of the song, the refrain is repeated with the audience. Farmer performs the song standing in the right hand of the statue that rises and then goes down.

Mylenium Tour / Concerts de Mylène Farmer / Historique

Valérie Bony, one of the female dancers, replaces Farmer who goes in backstage to change costume. Bony appears in Chinese shadow, wearing a wigand makes some movements with her arms, but she doesn’t sing. Black costume composed of a woven trousers open on the upper thighs, a transparent bustiera shimmering jacket closed, high myleniim with heels, a large necklace and two iron false-buttocks. Same costume, without the jacket.


Mylenium Tour (tour) – Wikipedia

Farmer arrives by surprise while spectators watch even the Chinese shadow of Valérie Bony they believe she is Farmer. The song is repeated several times by the fans with Farmer. Collective choreography, the same as for  » Pourvu qu’elles soient douces  » during the Tour. The song is accompanied by numerous fireworks.

That is the only medley performed by Famer throughout her career. Farmer sings all the song’s lyrics, while a red light burns in the palm of the statue’s hand that moves. Farmer comes out of the large doors drawn on the statue’s body and goes down the conceft that appears with red fabric flames on the sides. This version is very similar to that of the album.

concert mylene farmer mylenium tour

Before the song begins, Farmer sits on the steps of the staircase and whistles. While the dancers make several acrobatics and play leapfrogshe performs the song, sitting on a swing with two headers sphinx at both ends.

A rain of silver sequins down from heaven on artists and the andiance. After her performance, Farmer goes down the swing and presents the musicians. Farmer and two female vocalists sit on the steps of the staircase, and then get up and do mjlenium few steps on the stage.

Then Farmer goes in front of the tor at the top of the stairs. At the end, Farmer left the stage while it is in a full black.

This acoustic version has jazzy sonorities. Farmer performs the song a cappella until the first refrain. She sometimes cries and the audience sings instead of her. The stage turns red. Farmer performed the song on a platform. The singer uses a simple choreography referring to the universal sign languageperformed with other dancers. After performing the song, Farmer thanks the audience and says goodbye. She then twice repeats the refrain with the audience.

Farmer sings again the first verse at the end of the song, and begins to cry. Farmer sings four times the final refrainand then goes into the statue’s hand. Farmer begins to sing « Mylenium » once back in the statue’s hand. A curtain falls, and the show ends.